How It Works

We bring a marketing concept to recruitment

Let's go fishing

The concept of bringing you qualified candidates on-demand is very different from what the market currently offers.

Think of it as two different approaches to fishing.

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The old way

“I know a pool where some fish are. I can catch them for you or maybe lend you my equipment and tell you where to look.”

Some say they will go to a pool and catch the fish there for you. This is destination thinking. They have just as much chance of success as you would in getting the result. Ultimately they make the process longer, more expensive, unpredictable and not scalable.

Our Way

“We will deliver you the number of fish you want and the kind of fish you want, when and where you want it.”

We take your job profiles and go fishing in an unlimited ocean; the Internet.
We use our own behavioural-profiled community, then Google and other networks, then social recruiting, to find the right catch.
Then we bring it straight to you. Ultimately, this active campaigning is quicker, cheaper, more predictable, transparent, controllable and scalable.

Who We Work With

Large corporate clients who need a continuous, healthy stream of candidates. For example, call-centres, shops, restaurants and other service industries.

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Staffing agencies, that we provide with a constant stream of clicks and applies to their jobs.

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Job-boards, who are always looking to direct more traffic to their clients’ job profiles.

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We bring marketing thinking to recruitment

You’re looking for talent in a very competitive marketplace. Using the latest technology and techniques, we’ll actively and intelligently market you across online, mobile and social media spaces. By reaching, targeting and attracting the right candidates, we can create a measurable ‘hiring funnel’.

With this approach, you only pay for the candidates you can hire.