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Our best asset: you

At Jobrapido, everyone's valuable. Working with us means being responsible for sustaining and promoting an inclusive and ethical culture aimed at supporting the achievement of the Company’s vision and goals.

Our Values

Think big, nothing less

STEFANO CAVIGLIA – Head of Business Intelligence


  • We are Leaders
  • We are ambitious and we constantly raise the bar
  • We overcome our self-imposed limitations
Innovation is at our core

ANDREA PARODI – Head of Product


  • We disrupt the status quo
  • We are trendsetters
  • We shape a better future
Passion is our driver

MICHELA COLA – Finance Director


  • We never give up and are hungry for success
  • We encourage others and celebrate our achievements
  • We are committed to our social purpose
Trust and respect come first

CHIARA VIGANÒ – Head of Traffic


  • We trust and listen to our employees first
  • We value diversity
  • We are fair and transparent in everything we do
Ownership we foster

RYAN BRIDGMAN –   Sales Director UKIE, Benelux, North America and Global Programmatic Solutions


  • We always deliver and do what we say, on time
  • We act in the interest of the company and its stakeholders
  • We accept the task and do everything to complete it
Team, orchestra of champions

ROSARIA FUSCO – Head of Marketing and Communications


  • We value the team and the individual performance
  • We are catalysts of top talents
  • We work hard and play hard and don’t tolerate politics
Excellence in everything we do

ANDREA FACCHINELLI – VP of Customer Success & Sales Operations


  • We strive to develop ourselves and our business
  • We settle for nothing less than the best
  • We always do the right thing
Customer intimacy as a discipline

MARK BYRNE – Sr. Sales Director Inside Sales and New Markets


  • We know our customers and we delight them
  • We meet and exceed customers’ expectations
  • We create long term relationships

Do we share the same values? Then join our team!

Benefits and Perks

Continuous learning


We believe in the importance of continuous learning and we offer our talents tailored development programs to empower both hard and soft skills. We also foster an environment in which everyone collaborates with their colleagues and shares their knowledge.



We like to work with dedication, flexibility and agility to reach our goals. We promote smart working and encourage flexible working hours so that everyone can maximise their work-life balance.

Team activities and fun


We strongly believe that team activities help generate an open and collaborative corporate culture, and we never miss out on an occasion to celebrate together. Some of our recurring events include Spring and Christmas parties and team happy hours.

Honours and awards


We understand that collective effort contributes to achieving a company’s mission. To demonstrate this, we like to reward the commitment of our people with company-wide recognition. For example, we have an Anniversary Award to recognise loyalty and a Referral Programme Award to recognise achievements in attracting the best talent.

Discounts and benefits


Our employees and their families can benefit from many special offers. Every year we extend our benefits scheme to include the best partners in a wide range of services like travel, wellbeing, theatre, clothing, design.



Staff wellbeing is our utmost priority. For this reason, we have developed a holistic wellness programme for our employees that combines activities for the body, mind and spirit.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity should always go hand in hand with inclusion.

At Jobrapido we believe that ideas and talent are universal. Our workforce is made up of professionals of different ages and 15 nationalities and we are committed to providing equal opportunities to all our employees, regardless of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation and individual ability. To embrace this variety we support and foster initiatives related to diversity and encourage inclusion in everything we do, such as Women’s Day and multicultural lunches within the company.

Women in Digital

In 2016 we launched “Women in Digital by Jobrapido” – a community which aims to create awareness for the presence of women in environments that traditionally were considered “male oriented”. We connect and support all the women who already work, or are interested in working in the digital environment by fostering networking, training sessions and development opportunities that are open to all genders.

Work with us


We are constantly looking for Talents to empower our dynamic and international team. If you want to join us, you can check out our current vacancies or spontaneously let us know you’re interested in being part of our team.

Send your CV

Digital Marketing Intern – Milan, Italy

We are looking for someone with little experience but passionate, smart, curious, keen to learn and experiment, to join our Traffic team. During the internship at Jobrapido you will learn all the basics hands on to create a Paid campaign on Google, to read and modify HTML, to understand how to create a reporting with insights that will unlock actionable marketing actions. You will work in the Traffic team, with close interaction with different, technical teams, such as Product Development and Business Intelligence.

Junior Backend Software Engineer Intern – Milan, Italy

We have a fantastic opportunity to join our tech team in Milan city centre during an exciting time of growth! We are looking for a junior backend software engineer intern for our application team that, collaborating with the product team and the rest of the technology team, will help the company reaching its growth goals while having a huge positive impact on the team's culture and achievements.

Sales Support Intern – Milan, Italy

We have a fantastic opportunity to join our sales team in Milan city centre during an exciting time of growth! We currently have an open position as a Sales Support Intern that will work closely with our young and dynamic inside sales function. You will be a very important part of the team, helping support them in this exciting growth journey, as they take a highly innovative and completely unique recruitment solution to businesses across the UK and Italy.