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When you advertise your open positions on the Internet, you can pay per word, per click, or per insertion. But the words you pay for don't ensure that you will find the right candidates, and you can't hire a click. With us, you will only pay for qualified and relevant applications.
We have combined the power of technology, the analysis of scientific data, and marketing to bring you people, not clicks. To join the thousands of companies that have entrusted us with their recruitment needs, and to learn about our eight-week low risk pilot programme, fill-in the form below and revolutionise the way you choose your candidates.

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Large corporate clients who need a continuous, healthy stream of candidates. For example, call-centres, shops, restaurants and other service industries.

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Staffing agencies, that we provide with a constant stream of clicks and applies to their jobs.

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Job-boards, who are always looking to direct more traffic to their clients’ job profiles.

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