Hire targeted people faster
and more cost-efficiently

Why SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY™ by Jobrapido is the most effective tool for digital recruitment


SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY™ targets job seekers with only the most relevant job ads, to deliver employers the candidates who perfectly fit their needs, in the right quantity, at the right time and the right price.

This is achieved by combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies with the use of Big Data and a granular occupational taxonomy – which enables precise classification of candidates and job opportunities.

By innovatively applying SMART INTUITION TECHNOLOGY™ to the recruitment sector, Jobrapido offers:

  • 123 % more results per job search compared to Keyword Matching
  • 35 % more qualified candidates
  • A 12 times higher rate of applications
  • 50 % more effectiveness in the recruiting process*

(* based on the feedback received from Jobrapido customer survey in Q1 2020)

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