Staffing Agencies

Jobrapido has served Staffing and Recruitment agencies in-directly via the biggest Job boards for years and recently we have extended our services providing a direct solution for agencies. What does this exactly mean? Partnering with Jobrapido will grant you access to a new pool of active and relevant candidates. We will use our huge and diverse global community of active Jobseekers and daily match them via mailings to your jobs. Extended talent keyword acquisition campaigns via Google and other search engines wich fuel the community with more potential candidates to match and we will use programmatic ad-buying campaigns to target the candidate outside of our network. With this, our state of the art elastic matching and pure search technology will optimize your campaign and assures we maximize matching rates. We will also build high converting landing pages for you without any costs and we do all your campaigning focussing on the goals you provide us during the kick-off call.
If this sounds interesting, please let us know – we have an introduction offer in which we give you 100% free budget on top of your first month investment.

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Who We Work With

Large corporate clients who need a continuous, healthy stream of candidates. For example, call-centres, shops, restaurants and other service industries.

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Staffing agencies, that we provide with a constant stream of clicks and applies to their jobs.

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Job-boards, who are always looking to direct more traffic to their clients’ job profiles.

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