We subtract the stress and add the talent.

All too often, recruitment can be painful and time-consuming. That’s because there’s a difference between what people and businesses need and what the market gives them. This causes stress for everyone. And that’s why Jobrapido has developed a new way of doing things. If you’re looking for talent, we can offer you traffic, applications and qualified candidates on-demand.

The way things were (and mostly still are).

Recruitment advertising hasn’t changed much. With newspapers, you paid for words and space. The Internet arrived and you paid for every job you posted. Then the job aggregators stepped in. Now you pay for clicks per posting. But in this competitive talent market, whether you pay for words, space, postings or clicks, there’s no guarantee that people will apply to your job. It’s still a matter of “post and pray”.

We’ll deliver you people, not clicks.

With us, you’ll get qualified candidates on-demand. The kind you want and the amount you want, where and when you need them. We can do this because we’ve combined the power of technology and data science with smart marketing techniques. The result? A service that drastically reduces the time to hire and the cost per hire.


More than 88% of all searches on the Internet start on Google and more than 30% are job search related.


We’re experts in Search Engine Marketing. We started in 2006.


We’re active in 58 countries. Our HQ is in Milan. Our presence is global.

Who We Work With

Large corporate clients who need a continuous, healthy stream of candidates. For example, call-centres, shops, restaurants and other service industries.

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Staffing agencies, that we provide with a constant stream of clicks and applies to their jobs.

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Job-boards, who are always looking to direct more traffic to their clients’ job profiles.

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